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Strawberry Blast - PINK Snow Foam

Strawberry Blast - PINK Snow Foam

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1 Litre Bottle. 

Introducing our Pink Snow Foam—a vibrant, specialized pre-wash treatment designed to elevate your car care routine. This unique formula not only delivers the exceptional cleaning power of traditional snow foam but also brings a touch of flair with its distinctive pink hue.

Our Pink Snow Foam embraces the same high-quality standards as our classic snow foam, boasting a rich, thick lather that envelops your vehicle in a luxurious blanket of cleansing foam. Its pH-balanced formulation gently lifts and removes dirt, grime, and contaminants, preparing your car's surface for a thorough wash. The eye-catching pink colour not only adds a visual appeal but also allows for easy visibility, ensuring uniform coverage on every inch of your vehicle.

Crafted with precision, our Pink Snow Foam leaves no residue, preserving the integrity of your car's finish while enhancing the efficiency of the cleaning process. Experience a new dimension of car care with our Pink Snow Foam—a vibrant, effective, and fun addition to your detailing arsenal, ensuring your vehicle receives the ultimate pampering it deserves.

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