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Sapphire Storm - BLUE Snow Foam

Sapphire Storm - BLUE Snow Foam

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1 Litre Bottle.
Step into a world of pristine car care with our Blue Snow Foam—a specialized pre-wash treatment designed to transform your cleaning routine. This unique formula harnesses the power of traditional snow foam while adding a touch of elegance with its striking blue hue.

Our Blue Snow Foam boasts a luxurious, thick lather that engulfs your vehicle, effectively encapsulating and lifting dirt, grime, and contaminants from every surface. Its pH-balanced formulation ensures a gentle yet thorough cleaning process, preparing your car's exterior for a meticulous wash. The vivid blue colour not only enhances visibility during application but also adds a captivating visual element to your car care routine.

Crafted to perfection, our Blue Snow Foam rinses away cleanly, leaving no residue behind. Its advanced cleaning action is gentle on your vehicle's paintwork, preserving its integrity while maximizing the efficiency of the washing process. Elevate your detailing experience with our Blue Snow Foam—a premium addition to your car care regimen, delivering exceptional cleanliness and a touch of sophistication to every wash.

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