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Mandarin Blast - Citrus Pre Wash

Mandarin Blast - Citrus Pre Wash

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500ml Spray Bottle.

Introducing our Citrus Pre-Wash, a game-changer in your car cleaning arsenal. Harnessing the power of natural citrus extracts, this specialized formula is a potent yet gentle prelude to your car's ultimate clean.

Our Citrus Pre-Wash utilizes the natural degreasing and cleansing properties of citrus extracts to dissolve and loosen stubborn dirt, grime, and road residues. Its citrus-infused formula not only breaks down contaminants effectively but also leaves behind a refreshing, zesty aroma, transforming your cleaning routine into a sensory delight.

Specifically formulated to be gentle on surfaces, this pre-wash solution ensures a thorough clean without compromising your vehicle's protective coatings. Its versatile nature allows it to be applied across various surfaces, from paintwork to wheels, effectively preparing your car for a pristine wash.

Elevate your detailing experience with the natural power of citrus—our Citrus Pre-Wash offers a refreshing twist to your car care ritual, delivering a thorough, aromatic clean that revitalizes both your vehicle and your senses.

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