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Fumarate X - Iron Fallout Remover

Fumarate X - Iron Fallout Remover

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500ml Spray Bottle.

Experience the ultimate cleansing power with our Iron Fallout Remover—a meticulously formulated solution engineered to tackle the unseen contaminants lurking on your vehicle's surface.

Our Iron Fallout Remover is a game-changer in car care, effectively targeting and dissolving stubborn iron particles and brake dust that cling to your car's paintwork and wheels. As it reacts with ferrous contaminants, it undergoes a colour-changing reaction, visually indicating the removal process in action.

This pH-balanced formula ensures a gentle yet powerful cleanse, safely lifting and loosening embedded contaminants without damaging your vehicle's surfaces. Designed for ease of use, simply spray the solution onto the affected areas and witness the solution go to work, transforming iron particles into a water-soluble state for easy rinsing.

Experience the transformation as our Iron Fallout Remover reveals a clean, decontaminated surface, preparing your vehicle for the next stage of detailing. Elevate your car care routine with this essential product, delivering a thorough and meticulous clean that leaves your vehicle refreshed and ready to shine

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