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Deluxe Detailing Gift Set

Deluxe Detailing Gift Set

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Introducing our Deluxe Detailing Gift Set, the perfect collection for the meticulous car enthusiast who appreciates the finer points of automotive care. Carefully curated with premium-grade products, this set provides everything needed to achieve a professional-level detailing finish.

This comprehensive set includes:

  1. Premium Car Wash: Our high-quality, pH-balanced Artic Wash & Wax effectively removes dirt and grime without harming the vehicle's paint or wax. (Car Shampoo & Wash Mitt)

  2. Detailing Clay Kit: A professional-grade detailing clay bar kit designed to eliminate embedded contaminants, leaving the paint surface smooth and ready for polishing.

  3. Polishing & Waxing Essentials: High-performance polishing compounds and carnauba-based Spray Wax to restore shine, remove minor imperfections, and protect the paint from environmental elements.

  4. Interior Care Arsenal: Specialized cleaners, protectants, and microfibre cloth to rejuvenate and protect interior surfaces. (Interior Cleaner, Dash Shine & Microfibre Cloth and Air Freshener) 

  5. Tyre Shine and Wheel Cleaner: Formulas designed to bring out the best in tires and wheels, leaving them with a lasting shine and protection. (Alloy Cleaner, Tyre Shine & Application)

Each product within this set has been meticulously chosen for its quality and effectiveness, promising a transformative detailing experience for any vehicle. Whether it's a cherished classic or a daily driver, our Deluxe Detailing Gift Set will exceed expectations and make the perfect gift for those who take pride in their car's appearance.

Surprise your favourite car enthusiast with the gift of a professional-grade detailing experience with our Deluxe Detailing Gift Set today!

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