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Dazzling Dash - Dash Shine

Dazzling Dash - Dash Shine

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500ml Spray Bottle.

Transform your car's interior into a luxurious haven with our Interior Dazzling Dash Shine. a premium solution crafted to revive and protect your dashboard and interior surfaces.

Our Interior Dash Shine is more than just a shine; it's a shield against wear and tear. Specially formulated to condition and rejuvenate various interior surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, and rubber, it restores the original richness and depth of colour while providing a non-greasy, matte finish.

This advanced formula not only enhances the appearance of your dashboard but also creates a protective barrier against UV rays and environmental elements. Its anti-static properties repel dust and fingerprints, ensuring your interior remains cleaner for longer periods.

Easy to apply, our Interior Dash Shine revitalizes your car's interior with a simple spray and wipe, leaving behind a natural, non-reflective finish. Elevate your driving experience with a meticulously clean and protected interior, courtesy of our Interior Dash Shine—a must-have for those seeking to maintain a pristine and refined car interior.

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